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Isabel Echeverry is the founder of Kontakto. She started her career in representation at ICM working with Jeff Berg and went on to become a respected director's representative of A-list talent in the industry. In 2009, recognizing the vast potential in the Hispanic market, Echeverry opened Kontakto Talent Management and Entertainment Company.  Now she is established as the market leader in Latinx Entertainment with an impressive roster composed of award-winning directors, actors, and powerhouse production companies.  As a big believer in the concept of giving back and 'paying it forward,' her ability to navigate the Hispanic and global market has proved invaluable to all her clientele. 



Heather Henderson


For Talent Manager, Heather Henderson, working in the entertainment industry is more than just a job - it's her passion. She's always on the lookout for the next great talent and takes pride in nurturing the careers of actors at all stages.  Daughter of renowned casting director, Cathy Henderson. Heather's expertise in the industry allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to Kontakto actors, no matter where they are in their careers. Led by talent manager Heather Henderson, we offer a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients,

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